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In my UITextView, I have a button which inserts the "•" symbol , a bold button which sets the typing attributes to bold and a italic button - to italic. The first question is why when I press the button to insert the symbol, the whole text changes to the current typing attributes? Here's the symbol button code:

 NSRange range = _noteTextView.selectedRange;
NSAttributedString * firstHalfString = (NSAttributedString *)[_noteTextView.text substringToIndex:range.location];
NSAttributedString * secondHalfString = (NSAttributedString *)[_noteTextView.text substringFromIndex: range.location];
_noteTextView.scrollEnabled = NO;  // turn off scrolling

NSAttributedString * insertingString = (NSAttributedString *)[NSString stringWithFormat:@"•"];

_noteTextView.text =[NSString stringWithFormat: @"%@%@%@",
range.location += [insertingString length];
_noteTextView.selectedRange = range;
_noteTextView.scrollEnabled = YES;

The next questions is why when I copy a selection from the text and when I paste it, the whole copied text is also copied with the current typing attributes? Here's a sample of the typing attributes changing code:

UIFont *font = [UIFont fontWithName:@"HelveticaNeue-Light" size:20];
    NSDictionary *dict = [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObject:font forKey:NSFontAttributeName];
    [_noteTextView setTypingAttributes:dict];
    [_noteTextView setTextColor:[UIColor lightGrayColor]];

Thank you in advance. :)

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