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I have a Javascript function that prints the contents of two elements in a webpage. It works in Chrome, Firefox and IE but Safari just brings up an empty window and if I select print, it simply prints a blank page.

Here's my code:

var content = "<!doctype html><html><head>";
content += '<link rel="stylesheet" href="/css/normalise.css" type="text/css" />';
content += '<link rel="stylesheet" href="/App_Themes/CS2011/StyleSheet.css" type="text/css" />';
content += "</head><body>";

//Find the div to insert the rest of the html after
var contractToFind = $(divElement).parent().find("div").get(0);

//Insert rest of code
content += contractToFind.innerHTML;
content += "</body></html>";

//Set up print window and print
var printWindow ='', '', params);   

//Close the window

Is there a way I can modify my code to allow it to render the page properly in Safari so I can print it? Preferably without using additional plugins.

Edit: Thanks Eric but that didn't work for me. Adding a time delay to the print seems to work well although it's not ideal, even a 10ms delay solves the issue. The line I used was:

setTimeout(this.print, 100);
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In general I have the idea that its better to avoid document.write(). Is it an option to do printWindow.document.body.innerHTML = content? I have to add that I dont have much experience with popup windows. – EricG Oct 30 '13 at 9:31
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I found a solution to this problem. The problem resides in the fact that window.print() is not standard for all browser and Safari probably takes a different approach on when triggering it.

I changed a little your code so maybe this solution can't fit your possibility but it works for all browser (tested on Safari, FF, Chrome, IE8).

Note that you need to have a different page for the popup content (I changed the code to retrieve the contract to make a sample for myself, hope you will figure out how to get contract content).

The code:

HTML for the page that opens the popup

    <input type="button" id="popup" value="Open Popup" />
    <div id="yourContract">
                <td>blablabla td1</td>
                <td>blablabla td2</td>
                <td>blablabla td3</td>
                <td>blablabla td4</td>
        var win ="static.html");

HTML for the popup (static.html):

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <script src="//"></script>
            $.getScript("print.js", function() {
            var contract = window.opener.$("#yourContract").html(); //change to fit your needs

JS file (print.js) called by static.html


How does it works:

static.html consists of two script section. The section in the body loads via javascript the content in the page.

The section in the head prevent the document to trigger ready status by setting holdReady to true. Then it loads print.js which waits for document to be ready, but we will decide the exact moment because we are preventing it.

After the script is included in the page holdReady is set again to false, triggering the ready status to document and calling the print() and close() functions on the window.

This however occurs after the browser has loaded all the page content, so you will see the preview in the popup page and the print dialog.

Hope this solution is what you need.

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This worked for me thank you very much Jonathan. – user2928010 Nov 7 '13 at 9:49

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