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I have this xml data format. I would like to extract the properties name and value from it. I have tried to get node by node but it is troublesome.

<?xml version="1.0"> encoding="ASCII"?> 
  <children iD="1261435145010.0" location="Point(547,184)" 
    size="Dimension(102,140)" shapeType="TestInfoShape"
      <properties name="desc" type="MultiLinesText"
        parent="this_comp1" parentName="multiLinesText"
        modelPropName="desc" value="create test user can access"/>
      <properties name="name" type="String" parent="this_comp2"
        parentName="text" modelPropName="name" value="testCase1"/>

Can anyone suggest a better way to do it? I like to use XPath but it can't lock on the element.


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where is the data? – vtd-xml-author Dec 28 '09 at 4:03
did some editing, hardly enough, but data is shown now. – Tom Dec 28 '09 at 4:12
This XML is invalid. Copy'n'paste bug? Or also in real? – BalusC Dec 28 '09 at 4:31
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XPath is the right tool for this type of job. You can try improving your XPath expression at a site like:

For example, this XPath will return a NodeList containing all of the inner "Properties" elements:

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The Java Streaming API for XML is also handy (when SAX, DOM, or XPath aren't quite right for the job).

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See if JAXB helps you:

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