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I am creating controller in Code Igniter and make form in ExtJs 4.2.1 now from where i call control and how? i used url property of form and put controller name there but nothing happen


I think i am not clearing my question actually i want to post data through submit function in which i pass data to php file in my server side i use Code Igniter Rest Api so here i want pass data to specific controller

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ExtJs is a javascript framework and is executed on the client side. It has its own MCV system.

It makes no sense to mix up a php controller with a javascript view.

Be sure to read the introduction to MVC in ExtJS.

Also in ExtJS you don't call the controller. On initialisation of the app, all controllers get lloaded. In the controller you define what it has to control, and from then on the magic hhappens: The events defined in the controller are fired whenever needed.

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In ExtJS 3.3.1

In login form put the buttons and call function submit_login();

buttons: [{
        text: 'Login',
        handler: function() {

Submit_login() code is, I used Ext.Ajax.request to submit login parameters You can debug the message with alert(response.responseText):

function submit_login() {var useridx = Ext.getCmp('useridx').getValue();var userpasswordx = Ext.getCmp('userpasswordx').getValue();Ext.Ajax.request({url:'".$url."',        method:'POST',
    params :{useridx:useridx,userpasswordx:userpasswordx},
        var jsonData = Ext.util.JSON.decode(response.responseText);
        var resultMessage = jsonData.Message;
        var isLogin = jsonData.isLogin;
        if (isLogin)
            window.location = '';
    failure: function(){
    Ext.Msg.alert('Not OK');


variable $url is:

$url = "index.php/apps/login";

You can create Apps controller and create function login

public function login()

Create login.php in view

        if ($i==1) {
        $this->session->set_userdata('userid',$useridx); echo '{"success" : true, "isLogin": true,"Message" : "User Successfully Login"}';
    } else {

        echo '{"success" : true, "isLogin": false, "Message" : "Salah User: '.$useridx.' dan Password "}';

You also do this in Ext JS 4.2.1 with same code.

This is works for me

Andrex Maulana

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