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I new to linux, How to current date file copy from source folder to another location using by rsync command,

I Tried:

rsync -avzhe ssh root@ /home/backup/

Here i copied all files and second time i did copy this increamental file only here, But I need only date wise file copy from source folder, How can i get this file date wise?

I found by find command using date wise, But I need rsync command... How can i copy files date wise or current date, any one help ...

thanks advance...

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You can use an include filter to include filenames containing a date and exclude everything else. For example:

rsync --include='*20131029*' --exclude='*' -avz user@host:src dest

If you want to get files based on modification time, you can use find to generate a file list and then pass the list to rsync:

ssh user@host "find src -type f -mtime -1" > /tmp/filesToCopy
rsync --files-from=/tmp/filesToCopy -avz user@host:src dest
rm /tmp/filesToCopy 
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I tried this but can't work this "rsync --include='20131029' --exclude='' -avz user@host:src dest", I used "rsync --include='*20131030' --exclude="*" -avz root@host:/var/www/ /home/var/www/... I need this format but it didn't work ... –  AlexPandiyan Oct 30 '13 at 11:38

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