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I have a list of categories that are loaded on the application route:

ApplicationRoute = Em.Route.extend({
    model: function() {
        return Em.RSVP.hash({
            collections: this.store.find('collection'),
            categories: this.store.find('category'),
            links: this.store.find('link')

This triggers the categories index action on the server, as expected. I am doing this because I need to load a list of categories for a menu.

I also have a category route:

Router.map(function() {
    this.route('category', { path: '/categories/:category_id' });

CategoryRoute = Em.Route.extend({
    model: function(params) {
        this.store.find('category', params.category_id);

Since there's already a list of categories in the store, there's no request to the server. However, here I want to show more detailed information. I want to send a request to the server's show action.

I am probably not thinking in "the ember way", but it seems to me that I either have to, somehow, force the server request in the route, or create a separate model for the menu categories.

How should one go about this, with ember-data?

Notes: ember.js-1.1.2 and ember-data-1.0.0.beta.3

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I ended up using a separate CategoriesList model. Still, this feels suboptimal.

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