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I get this java.lang.ClassCastException by trying to communicate with my Webservice which has SOAPHeader Handler implimentation.

The error occurs by

String data= ((Text) ((SOAPElement);

in the incomming method this class ""

I can not explain from where it comes i didn't bind it anywhere

1. I'am using Weblogic Server 12c
2. I search after TextImpl class in the hole server but no result

May be somebody faces already this issue? Thanks for your help

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I had similar problem when i deployed my web service into IBM WAS7.0 and tested through SOAP UI. After so much of google search i came to know the root case

"issue was that whitespace in the header was incorrectly being cast to a SOAPElement which resulted in the ClassCastException."

After removed the white space in the SOAP request, it worked.

Refer the link for more information

Check if there is a similar issue in WebLogic too.

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The same thing happens with soapUI 5.1.2 and WebLogic 12.1. Removing the whitespace between elements of the request in the soapUI editor does the trick. – craigcaulfield Aug 2 at 7:07

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