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I am a complete newbie in Mac development. I want to achieve the following functionality :-

I have a view with a two textfields and a login button.When the user clicks on login button another view should open.

Now my main view is in MainWindow.xib file..

I added another view using

Add-> New File-> Xamarin.Mac-> Cocoa View with controller, which generated the following files:-

1.) NewView.cs

2.) NewView.xib

3.) NewViewController.cs

After searching quite a lot on net i did not get the exact way to achieve this functionality. I referred this thread

Easy Switching of "View Controllers" in Mac Apps (similar to iOS)

but could not get the much out of it. Can someone tell me how to simply navigate from one view controller to another using Xamarin.Mac and where what code is to be written??

Any links,code snippet or sample code will be of great help!!

Thanks a ton in advance!

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what the heck is Xamarin.Mac? Is that supposed to be the viewController file? –  Jai Nov 7 '13 at 23:22
@Jai...Its product by Xamarin which is used for writing cross platform application. It is used to integrate c# code in Mac application. For more details: xamarin.com/mac –  Prerana Nov 26 '13 at 10:31
Yes NewViewController.cs is a ViewController file. –  Prerana Nov 26 '13 at 10:58

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Here is the answer :-

If you want to switch from one view to another below code snippet shows how to add and remove views:-

Write the below two lines in your Action of login button.
Previous view will be removed and new view i.e SecondView will be added.

this.View.Superview.AddSubview(new SecondViewController().View);


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