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I am programming some server program and middle of the code, I used JNI. My JNI references another DLL which was provided by another company.

The problem is... That DLL(by other company) is built in 32-bits, I guess. So I put some extra code to My JNI.java. such as below.

String archModel = System.getProperty("sun.arch.data.model");
System.load("C:\\Users\\me\\svc\\JNI\\was\\app\\jni\\WEB-INF\\classes\\its\\me\\jni" + archModel + ".dll");

(The path was edited, but it is very similar with original. I was planning to use this JNI stuff in Spring framework, so that path is was path.) And Changed my Project Runtime Java to 32bit Java.

After that I compiled with "cl". command was

cl JNI.cpp -Fejni32.dll -LD -MD
cl JNI.cpp -Fejni64.dll -LD -MD

And when I ran this project in Local, it works fine. So I established this project as war file.

After that, I upload this to server and ran tomcat. war was extracted without error, but when It calls this JNI method. It shows an Error and does not work.

error message:

org.springframework.web.util.NestedServletException: Handler processing failed; nested exception is java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: C:\Users\me\svc\JNI\was\app\jni\WEB-INF\classes\its\me\ijni32.dll: Can't find dependent libraries

I already changed my environment like below

machine - jre - tomcat - result

windows(x64) - jre(x64) - tomcat(x64) - can not run 32 bit library in amd 64 machine.

windows(x64) - jre(x86) - tomcat(x86) - can not find dependent library

Is there anything I should try to fix this error? Thanks.

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