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this is my first post here so hello everyone and forgive me any mistakes common for newcomers.

In my actual Android 4.0 project im using Options Menu which is opened by clicking on one of ActionBar items. Items of my menu are asynchronously updated so in some cases it opens before changes has been made and this is proper behaviour for me. As we know, after user changes an orientation of the device, whole activity is recreated (same for its menu). This use case is properly handled in my code - state of Activity is saved.

Problem happens when user opens Options Menu and changes orientation when menu is still visible - menu gets recreated and shown. I would like to make it not appear after it has been created.

Is it even possible? I assume that i should do something either in onCreateOptionsMenu() or in onPrepareOptionsMenu() method.

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You could use closeOptionsMenu() to close your OptionsMenu manually. If you want to open it at any later time, you could call openOptionsMenu().

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I can think of a workaround. set a class variable true in onRestoreInstanceState. override onPrepareOptionsMenu return false if that variable is true and set that variable to false again. It should give you the behavior you want. comment if there's any problem, I'll post the code.

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Thank you for your quick response. I tried your solution. Problem is fixed but not the way I want. When onPrepareOptionsMenu returns false no menu is created - there is no icons on ActionBar at all. What I want to achieve is preventing OptionsMenu to be opened after restoring but also I want all ActionBar icons still be visible. –  Błażej Dunajczyk Oct 30 '13 at 13:10

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