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There are three memory types, heap, memory mapped files and virtual memory.What is difference between virtual memory and memory mapped files?

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Read the documentation: VirtualAlloc() vs. MapViewOfFile() – WhozCraig Oct 30 '13 at 15:18

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MMF can be shared between processes. Virtual memory allocated with VirtualAlloc or VirtualAllocEx is accessible only from one process.

"A memory-mapped file contains the contents of a file in virtual memory. This mapping between a file and memory space enables an application, including multiple processes, to modify the file by reading and writing directly to the memory."

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All of the memory is virtual. VirtualAlloc is a way to allocate some memory in your process. (The heap manager uses it.)

Memory mapped files is a way to allocate some memory that can be used to access a file and can be shared by multiple processes.

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