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I'm trying to read multiple values using ini4j, the docs say it should be possible with the Options class.

Here is my sample .ini file (./dwarfs.ini)

age = 23
fortuneNumber = 11
fortuneNumber = 33
fortuneNumber = 55

here is the code to read it:

Ini ini = new Ini();
Config conf = new Config();
ini.load(new FileReader("./dwarfs.ini"));

but fortuneNumber property is just 55 after reading and I'd want it to be an array or a list, anything.

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How are you retrieving the value of "fortuneNumber"? –  Seelenvirtuose Oct 30 '13 at 16:07
@Seelenvirtuose like this: ini.fetch("dopey", "fortuneNumber"); –  chhh Oct 30 '13 at 19:01
@Seelenvirtuose I've also tried calling fetch multiple times, but it always reports just the last value from ini file –  chhh Oct 30 '13 at 19:01

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The web presence for the ini4j project contains (among others) very simple tutorials. One of these tutorials explains, how to retrieve multiple values. How could you expect to get a list or an array, when using a fetch method that returns a single reference? Look at the API!

In the tutorial, there is a part explaining multi values:

[ini4j] library introduces MultiMap interface, which is extends normal Map, but allows multiply values per keys. You can simply index values for a given key, similar to indexed properties in JavaBeans api.

There is also an example:

String n1 = sneezy.get("fortuneNumber", 0);  // = 11
String n2 = sneezy.get("fortuneNumber", 1);  // = 22
String n3 = sneezy.get("fortuneNumber", 2);  // = 33
String n4 = sneezy.get("fortuneNumber", 3);  // = 44

In this example, sneezy is a Section, but it should also work with an Ini.

And just to make it complete: An Ini also knows a method List<V> getAll(Object key).

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uh, oh, I was looking at those tutorials but couldn't find what i was looking for.. don't know how i was looking for it, maybe was too sleepy. Thanks so much for pointing this out! –  chhh Oct 31 '13 at 22:10
You're welcome. –  Seelenvirtuose Nov 1 '13 at 8:10

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