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I am working with a Silverlight TreeView. When the control loads, all the nodes are closed. When I click on one of the nodes I need for all the child nodes under that opened parent node to expand. How do I do this? My experience with TreeView is very limited so example code would really help out a lot. Thanks!

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Attach a handler to each TreeViewItem's Expanded event. Then, traverse the tree of children, expanding each node as you go.

Simple XAML:

        <sdk:TreeViewItem Expanded="TreeViewItem_OnExpanded" Header="One"></sdk:TreeViewItem>
        <sdk:TreeViewItem Expanded="TreeViewItem_OnExpanded" Header="Two">
            <sdk:TreeViewItem Expanded="TreeViewItem_OnExpanded" Header="Three">
                <sdk:TreeViewItem Expanded="TreeViewItem_OnExpanded" Header="Four">
                    <sdk:TreeViewItem Expanded="TreeViewItem_OnExpanded" Header="Five" />

Code behind:

    private void TreeViewItem_OnExpanded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
        TreeViewItem tvi = sender as TreeViewItem;
        Debug.Assert(tvi != null);

        if (tvi.HasItems) { ExpandChildren(tvi); }

    private void ExpandChildren(TreeViewItem tvi)
        foreach (var item in tvi.Items)
            if (item is TreeViewItem) { ExpandChildren(item as TreeViewItem); }
        tvi.IsExpanded = true;

I don't know how to set up an event handler in a TreeView.ItemTemplate, however.
Perhaps another reader knows how to do that ... ?

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