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I have a condition in my program where I have to combine a server (e.g. http://server1.my.corp/) that may or may not have an ending slash with a relative path (e.g. /Apps/TestOne/). According to the docs, Uri should...

Canonicalizes the path for hierarchical URIs by compacting sequences such as /./, /../, //,...

So when I do something like var url = new Uri(server + relativePath), I'd expect it to take what would otherwise be http://server1.my.corp//Apps/TestOne/ and remove the double slash (i.e // -> /), but ToString, AbsolutePath and various options still show the redundant/duplicate slash. Am I not using Uri right?

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Take a look at the constructors for the Uri class. You need to specify a base Uri and a relative path to get the canonized behavior. Try something like this:

var server = new Uri("http://server1.my.corp/");
var resource = new Uri(server, "/Apps/TestOne/");
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