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I'm trying to use mongodb on my Mac for a nodeJS app. I followed the steps given here to install mongo.

First of all, I wanted to know if adding mongodb path to the PATH with "nano .profile", or with "vim .bash_profile" is the same ? I'm used to using "nano .profile" and I want to know what are the differences.

Then, I added the path to mongodb in the .profile but when I try to use the command "mongo", it tells me "command not found". Although, when I manually type /usr/local/mongodb/bin/mongo (which is the path that I added in .profile), it works. I don't understand what's going on and the only solutions I find on the Internet are modifying the .profile, but mine seems correct to me.

Thanks for you help.


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Also note you put DIRECTORIES in your PATH, not single files. So PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/mongodb/bin is good but adding /usr/local/mongodb/bin/mongo is not. –  Peter Lyons Oct 30 '13 at 19:08

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I want to know what are the differences.

Do a web search for ".bash_profile .profile". Stackoverflow's guidelines require "thoroughly researched" questions. There are countless detailed articles on this topic.

To get things working try typing exec $SHELL to reload your shell. If your PATH is correctly set up, typing mongo should work. Another command to be aware of is rehash which you need when you add a new program to an existing directory on your PATH because the shell basically scans the entire PATH and makes a lookup table, but when a new command program gets installed after that, the shell doesn't automatically notice. That's what rehash is for.

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Thanks a lot it works now I think the shell wasn't reloaded. I did exec $SHELL and close+reopen terminal. –  Matthias Thomas Lamotte Oct 30 '13 at 19:01

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