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I am using Wordpress 3.5. I have created a page with name tpage. I want to pass query string like this tpage/param1. For this i have paste following code in functions.php but it is not working

   //Ensure the $wp_rewrite global is loaded
   global $wp_rewrite;
    //Call flush_rules() as a method of the $wp_rewrite object

What thing i am missing out here?

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Theres a great class for this by someone called Kyle E that does all the heavy lifting for you.. you have to use get_query_var('Your-Var'); to get the var out. $_GET doesnt work. good luck!

//Author Kyle E Gentile
//To use this class you must first include the file.  
//After including the file, you need to create an options array.  For example:
$options = array(
    'query_vars' => array('var1', 'var2'),
    'rules' => array('(.+?)/(.+?)/(.+?)/?$' => 'index.php?pagename=$matches[1]&var1=$matches[2]&var2=$matches[3]')
//After creating our $option array, 
//we will need to create a new instance of the class as below:
$rewrite = new Add_rewrite_rules($options);
//You must pass the options array, this way. (If you don't there could be problems) 
//Then you can call the filters and action functions as below:
add_action('wp_head', array(&$rewrite, 'flush_rules'));
add_action( 'generate_rewrite_rules', array(&$rewrite, 'add_rewrite_rules') );
add_filter( 'query_vars', array(&$rewrite, 'add_query_vars') );
//That is it.

//prevent duplicate loading of the class if you are using this in multiply plugins

    class Add_rewrite_rules{

        var $query_vars;
        var $rules;

        function __construct($options){

        function init($options){
            foreach($options as $key => $value){
                $this->$key = $value;

        function rules_exist(){
            global $wp_rewrite;

            $has_rules = TRUE;

            foreach($this->rules as $key => $value){
                if(!in_array($value, $wp_rewrite->rules)){
                    $has_rules = FALSE;

            return $has_rules;

        //to be used add_action with the hook 'wp_head'
        //flushing rewrite rules is labor intense so we better test to see if our rules exist first
        //if the rules don't exist flush its like after a night of drinking  
        function flush_rules(){
            global $wp_rewrite;

                //echo "flushed"; // If want to see this in action uncomment this line and remove this text and you will see it flushed before your eyes

        //filter function to be used with add_filter() with the hook "query_vars"
        function add_query_vars($query_vars){

            foreach($this->query_vars as $var){
                $query_vars[] = $var;

            return $query_vars;

        //to be used with a the add_action() with the hook "generate_rewrite_rules"
        function add_rewrite_rules(){
            global $wp_rewrite;

            $wp_rewrite->rules = $this->rules + $wp_rewrite->rules;


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