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I'm currently using this regex to grab a pageviews report for a certain segment of my site:


This returns all the pages under /cr to one level so it'll find /cr/somename and not /cr/somename/photos. The first level (somename) is all I want.

In the pageviews report, it breaks down separate numbers for results with or without trailing slashes:

/cr/somename/ 12 
/cr/somename 4
/cr/othername 2

Is there anyway in the API to combine the results so that the report will give me a combined pageviews of 16 for /somename or will I have to handle this addition in my code?

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There is no way to ask the API to combine and return results. You'll have to handle this on your end.

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I created a filter on the GA profile that combines the two, so now it is not a issue with the API. –  Ian Nov 4 '13 at 7:31

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