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I have several objects on a page and I want to perform an operation using jQuery only on some of them - the ones that don't have a specified attribute. So:

<li style='...'>some text</li>
<li style='...'>some other text</li>
<li>some very diffrent text</li>

and in javascript I would have:


that would hide all elements with a style sttribute. But if I want to hide the ones without it, how should my selector look like?

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Very simple, on one line... perfect answer! – Druzion Feb 18 at 13:59

You can use the :not psuedo-selector to look up elements that don't match a certain selector. In your example, you want to select all li elements without the style attribute, so you'd use something like this:


You can also combine this with other selectors:

$('#div input:not(:checked)').show();

It's a pretty powerful tool!

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You may find it clearer and more performant to use the .not() method instead of the selector. As an example:


This is also what the jQuery devs recommend.

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