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Is there a way to sort an array using Chrome?

Using the sort function does not work as seen in this example:

var myArray = [1,4,5,3,2];

myArray.sort ( function( a , b ){
  return b>a

for ( var i = 0; i < myArray.length; i++ )
  document.write( myArray[i] )

Firefox / IE / Opera / Safri output: 54321

Chrome output: 53241

jsBin example

Thanks for your time!

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This seems standard, return a negative, positive or zero number.

myArray.sort ( function( a , b ){
  return a-b;

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The behavior of Chrome is correct :)

The ECMA standards require the function being passed to sort() to return a number greater than 0, less than 0 or equal to 0. However, the function you have defined returns true / false. ECMA standards state that for a function which does not behave as expected, the implementation depends on the client.

Read this

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I think, the correct reason is here: Sorting an array of objects in Chrome, more specifically, this post.

Post reading that, if you feel the need to implement your own array sorting function, you may have a look at:

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