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I'm using the GWT-Charts Java wrapper for Google Visualization tools. I'm adding interval roles but I get an exception when I add the role column: Here's the code:

LineChart chart = new LineChart();
        DataTable table = DataTable.create();
        table.addColumn(ColumnType.STRING, "Month");
        table.addColumn(ColumnType.NUMBER, "Sales");
        DataColumn col = DataColumn.create(ColumnType.NUMBER, RoleType.INTERVAL);
        return chart;

This throws:

(Error) @com.googlecode.gwt.charts.client.DataTable::addColumn(Lcom/googlecode/gwt/charts/client/DataColumn;)([JavaScript object(12)]): Invalid type: function () {
      var result = __static(dispId, this);
      if (result[0]) {
        throw result[1];
      } else {
        return result[1];

Reading the JavaDoc for the RoleType.Interval doesn't give me a warm feeling that this code has ever been used: "Text to display when the user hovers over the data point associated with this row. Data type: string Default: * Data point value"

That's clearly wrong. Has anyone here successfully used GWT-Charts and the Interval function? Thanks!

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which wrapper are you using ? The official one or the unofficial gwt-charts ? –  Ümit Oct 31 '13 at 14:17
The unofficial one. It seemed to have more recent activity and support. –  Steve M Oct 31 '13 at 22:10
I see that the role functions do not work as documented in the issues for this project. i got around it by using JNSI to directly generate JavaScript. –  Steve M Nov 2 '13 at 18:57

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