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I need to pass an argument which will change every time from C program to a shell script.

int val=1234;
char buf[100];
sprintf(buf,"echo %d",val);
system("call.sh $buf");


echo "welcome"
echo $*
echo "done"

output of C is::


I cant see the argument value which is 1234 in the script. Can anybody suggest me to get right value...

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You can't pass a C variable as a shell variable. You need to build the whole command line in the string, and then pass it to system(...)

int val=1234;
char buf[100];
sprintf(buf, "call.sh %d", val);
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Even though Andrew's answer is right, I'd just make the C program print only the variable to stdout and then piping it into the shell script as an argument.

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You should use the setenv(), getenv() or putenv() functions (defined instdlib.h). Quoting the man:

The setenv() function adds the variable name to the environment with the value value, if name does not already exist. If name does exist in the environment, then its value is changed to value if overwrite is nonzero; if overwrite is zero, then the value of name is not changed. This function makes copies of the strings pointed to by name and value (by contrast with putenv(3)).

The prototype of the function is the following:

int setenv(const char *name, const char *value, int overwrite);
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Many Thanks for your suggestions and it got worked!!.. :) Can i run the script in back ground though the functions returns?.. I mean script is calling from func() and the script wil take too much time to finish so i can run the script in background like below.. func() {....sprintf(s,"call.sh %d &",val); return 0;} cal.sh will execute in back ground though the functions executes??..I hope i am clear

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