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I have a utility that uses the -M [either /dev/kmem or vmcore] and -N [namelist file (kernel.debug)] option to extract information from kernel crash vmcores, similar to how utilities like "vmstat" work on vmcores using the -M/-N option

usage: vmstat [-afHhimPsz] [-c count] [-M core [-N system]] [-w wait]
vmstat -m -M vmcore -N kernel.debug

But after moving some bits out of the kernel into a kernel module, now has the symbols outside of the kernel.debug. So now I cannot just pass the utility -M vmcore -N kernel.debug options because the symbols are now in the kernel module. Can libkvm be tweaked to process the kernel module in addition to the kernel.debug file?

For illustrating...I want to

utility -M vmcore -N (kernel.debug + kernel module)

-- Shrikanth R K

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Could you use kgdb(1)? Because recent versions load module symbols automatically.

Otherwise, if you want to do it manually, you will need to walk the linker_files list, starting at linker_files->tqh_first and following the link.tqe_next pointers until you find the entry with the filename you are looking for. The address member of that entry is the load address of the module. Using nm <module.ko> | grep ' t ' you can find the names and symbol offsets in a module. Add the module's load address and the symbol's offset and you have the address of the symbol.

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