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Zend Framework - multiplate navigation blocks

I wanna give more than one links by using Zend_Navigation in the one page...

for example

like this,

 echo $this->navigation()->topmenu(); 
 echo $this->navigation()->menu(); 
 echo $this->navigation()->footermenu();

but I couldnt do that ...

When I use like following code just works this one

echo $this->navigation()->menu();

I use like following codes.

 $container = new Zend_Config_Xml(APPLICATION_PATH .'/configs/navigation.xml' 'nav_top');   

 $navigation = new Zend_Navigation($container);

How can I create different links in the same page...

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Answered here.

I have had this exact same issue. I just create multiple instances of Zend_Navigation_Container in my controllers for each of the menus I need, pass them to the view and then render them by passing the objects directly to the menu render method. As follows:

In the controller:

$this->view->menu1 = new Zend_Navigation_Container();
$this->view->menu2 = new Zend_Navigation_Container();

In the view:


You could even customise each one (by inserting method calls after the initial menu() call:

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