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i'm using color picker from http://jscolor.com/

i'm trying to attach it to some dynamic inputs, but to no avail. dynamic inputs in terms of, on page load the input doesn't exist, only after the user click on something the input will become available. for example, I have a rows of data, and each row has different background color. this row of data are loaded using ajax. at the end of each row, there's an edit button. by clicking the edit button, it will display an input text box for the clicked row. I want to call the jscolor picker when the user clicks on the input text box. how can I do this?


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I just had this problem too but luckily it's easy to fix. You need to (re)init jscolor after you have dynamically created your inputs:

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Simplest solution, just we weary of calling it while you're still generating inputs as it could slow things down. –  Evin Ugur Jul 2 at 15:26

This helped me

 $(document).on('click', '#myPickerId', function () {
    var obj = $(this)[0];
    if (!obj.hasPicker) {
        var picker = new jscolor.color(obj, {});  //
        obj.hasPicker = true;

In my case, the picker control was dynamic because it is inside Knockout.js 'with' statement which hides and recreates the picker when it needs.

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