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I am attempting to use R package RecordLinkage, and am using two articles by the package authors as usage guides, in addition to the package documentation.

I am using 2 large datasets (100k+ rows), which I hope to link, and so I am using those elements of the package which are built around S4 class RLBigDataLinkage.

I begin by running the following lines in R:

>data1 <- as.data.frame(#source)
>data2 <- as.data.frame(#source)
>rpairs <- RLBigDataLinkage(data1, data2, strcmp = 2:8, exclude = 9:10)

This works fine (though it takes some time), and writes the necessary .ff files to deal with the large data sets.

If I then try:

>rpairs <- epiWeights(rpairs)


>rpairs <- epiWeights(rpairs, e = 0.01, f = getFrequencies(rpairs))

Then when I run:


I get the error message:

Error in dbGetQuery(object@con, "select count(*) from data1") : 
    error in evaluating the argument 'conn' in selecting a method for function 'dbGetQuery': Error: no slot of name "con" for this object of class "RLBigDataLinkage"

If, on the other hand, I run:

>result <- epiClassify(rpairs, 0.5)

I get the error message:

Error in table.ff(object@data@pairs$is_match, object@prediction, useNA = "ifany") : 
     Only vmodes integer currently allowed - are you sure ... contains only factors or integers?

I'm clearly missing something about how these objects need to be handled. Does anyone have any experience with this package that sees my error? Thanks kindly.

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