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I am invoking a static method Parse on a type via reflection because I do not know the type of the object at compile-time (I do know, however, it has a Parse method, taking a string).

However, I am getting an ambiguous match exception, presumably because there are a lot of overloaded Parse methods each taking a single object (string, int, double etc.).

How can I be more specific in my method invocation to ensure I reach the correct method (Parse(string s)) and the exception is not thrown.

My code looks like this:

Type returnType = p.PropertyType;
object value = returnType.GetMethod("Parse").Invoke(null, new string[] { "1" });
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Use this overload and use

returnType.GetMethod("Parse", new [] {typeof(string)})
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if (assembly != null)
  List<System.Reflection.MethodInfo> mInfo = new List<System.Reflection.MethodInfo>();
  Type myType = null;

  foreach (Type item in assembly.GetTypes())
    mInfo = item.GetMethods().ToList();
    foreach (System.Reflection.MethodInfo item2 in mInfo)
      if (item2.Name == methodName)
        Method = item2;

  stateInstance = Activator.CreateInstance(myType);
return Method;
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Where did Method come from? It wouldn't hurt to explain a little what your code does. – LarsTech Aug 18 at 16:59
Yes, please avoid code only answers. Add some explanation of what is going on, or why your answer could be helpful. – dub stylee Aug 18 at 17:02

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