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I have my own website at home: http://[public ip]/website

I bought a domain on ovh.

I try a redirect but when I go to my domain I see my own public ip. How can I stay on url like

http://{ovh domain}

I try to follow some tutorial but I found nothing.

Like use the .htaccess file with rewrite module.

Thanks for all.


Manager OVH > Website hosting > Domains & DNS > DNS Zone(Advanced mode)

In Section
Manage pointing entry

A Type

Then ? I don't really understand what does the manager try to ask me ? Create a subdomain ?

EDIT 2 :

At this time i'm trying this :

www.{ovhdomain}.com | A |

Is it correct ? How many time it need to be active ?


Ok, now i have my domain instead of my public ip. but it remains the name of my website behind : on my computer, my ip go to the xamp page, the behinf my project : http://{ip}/{project}

so i get http://{ovh_domain}/{project}

How to make http://{ovh_domain} go to http://{ip}/{project} and not only http://{ip}/ ?

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You need to set an A record on the domain name to point it to your IP address.

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