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I have a module that represents a decision tree. I have two classes: Choice (which inherits from an outside class Event) and Option. A Choice represents a node of the decision tree, and an Option represents a branch. A Choice must have at least one Option. An Option can have a Choice or not. If an Option doesn't have a Choice, it is a terminal Option.

If for instance, if the decision tree looked like this:


A would be a Choice which has two Options (B and C).
B would be an Option without a Choice (i.e. a terminal Option).
C would be an Option with a Choice. C's Choice would contain Options D and E.

I've written my code to allow the decision tree to be as deep as needed, which is why Options have Choices and Choices have Options.

I have a function function find_terminal_options_in(EventPtr ch) with a recursive call that finds all terminal Options and gets their names. In this example, find_terminal_options_in(ptr_to_A) should return {"B","D","E"}. Instead, it fails at the end of the second call, when it is processing Option C's choice. It fails by giving the following error:

Debug Assertion Failed!
Expression: _BLOCK_TYPE_IS_VALID(pHead->nBlockUse)

which is called in the shared_ptr destructor.

Is this error occurring due to a flaw in my design or a flaw in the way I'm using the shared_ptr? Any suggestions on how to get rid of this run-time error?

See my (simplified) code, which reproduces the issue:

class Event {
    Event(std::string name):name_(name) {};
    std::string name() {return name_;};
    virtual bool is_terminal() = 0;
    std::string name_;

class Option;

class Choice: public Event {
    Choice(): Event("") {};
    Choice(std::string name, std::list<Option> options): Event(name) {options_ = options;};
    std::list<Option> options() {return options_;};
    std::string name() {return name_;};
    bool is_terminal() {return false;};
    std::list<Option> options_;

class Option
    Option(std::string name, Choice choice):name_(name),choice_(choice) {};
    Option(std::string name):name_(name) {};
    Choice choice() {return choice_;};
    std::string choice_name() {return choice_.name();};
    std::string option_name() {return name_;};
    Choice choice_;
    std::string name_;

typedef std::shared_ptr<Event> EventPtr;
typedef std::shared_ptr<Event> ChoicePtr;

std::list<std::string> find_terminal_options_in(EventPtr ch);

int main() {
    std::list<Option> temp_opts1;
    Choice option_Cs_choice("option_Cs_choice",temp_opts1);

    std::list<Option> temp_opts2;
    EventPtr ptr_to_A = EventPtr(new Choice("A",temp_opts2));

    std::list<std::string> terminal_options = find_terminal_options_in(ptr_to_A);

std::list<std::string> find_terminal_options_in(EventPtr ch)
    std::list<std::string> returned_list;

    std::shared_ptr<Choice> choice = std::dynamic_pointer_cast<Choice>(ch);
    std::list<Option> choice_options = choice->options();

    for(std::list<Option>::iterator options_it = choice_options.begin();options_it != choice_options.end(); options_it++)
        if(options_it->choice_name() != "") //it has a choice
            Choice option_choice = options_it->choice();
        else //it doesn't have a choice, and is therefore a terminal option

    return returned_list;
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There are 2 problems with your code:

  1. For recursion to work properly, you need to change signature from

    std::list find_terminal_options_in(EventPtr ch);


void find_terminal_options_in(EventPtr ch,std::list<std::string> &output);

Otherwise, data obtained in


is lost.

  1. In line


you are creating shared pointer from non dynamically allocated object - that cannot be done, and this is the reason for the erro you are getting. You can only instantiate shared pointer from objects created using new. Quick fix would be

        find_terminal_options_in(EventPtr(new Choice(option_choice)));

Proper fix - to store shared pointer to Choice instead of Choice in Option.

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The problem is: you missed the

virtual ~Event() {}

in class Event. As soon as you go back from the function-call stack, the instance "ch" would be deleted.

std::list<std::string>  find_terminal_options_in(EventPtr ch)  { ... }

But it does not call the Choice's Deconstructor, although it was constructed in main() with.

EventPtr ptr_to_A = EventPtr(new Choice("A",temp_opts2));

Try it with "virtual ~Event()" and the problem will disappear. :-)

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