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How to run to the next breakpoint in Eclipse? I stopped at a breakpoint, after that I need to just run through some long piece of code until the next breakpoint is hit. I searched SO and Eclipse but did not find the answer. Just having nightmare with the Eclipse debugger (still can't forget my beloved Sun Workshop which I can't praise high enough)...

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Don't you just press "play"? Are you in the debug screen? –  ChiefTwoPencils Oct 30 '13 at 21:51
@FredLarson F5 is a single step forward AFAIK. The green button. –  hexafraction Oct 30 '13 at 21:52
Continue/F8. vogella.com/articles/EclipseDebugging/… –  Matt Ball Oct 30 '13 at 21:53
Thanks everybody! After I found out there is no "jump" in Eclipse, I keep asking stupid questions about it... –  TT_ Oct 30 '13 at 22:05
Why downvote? Is it obvious, not suitable for SO, or you just in bad mood? –  TT_ Oct 31 '13 at 12:43

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The button that looks like the play button on a tv remote.

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The button which marked Resume? I'm asking because I checked but not sure about the result :) (exception) –  TT_ Oct 30 '13 at 21:56
Yes the button marked resume :) –  Ben Green Oct 30 '13 at 21:57
This isn't entirely true is it? Which green button? –  ChiefTwoPencils Oct 30 '13 at 21:59
The button with a green triangle an a yellow bar to the left of the triangle. Kind of like this |> –  smwikipedia Dec 12 '14 at 8:53

The green button, or F8 will continue a suspended execution due to a breakpoint. You must be on the debug perspective for this to work in most cases. The green button in a circle(right above the "continue" label in the image) will not suffice.

|====|  ====8
|    |  |    88
|    |  |      88
|    |  |        88
|    |  |      88
|    |  |    88
|====|  ====8

debug perspective screenshot with labels

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Thanks! Is it debug perspective picture? (mine is slightly different) –  TT_ Oct 30 '13 at 22:14
@TT_ Yes, it is. –  hexafraction Oct 30 '13 at 22:16
Nice Description +1 :) –  Abhishek Singh Feb 13 at 10:34

Press f8

-or -

hit the button in debug toolbar that looks like this

resume button


-go to Run -> Resume

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When you're debugging you should be on the Debugging screen as it has all the windows interesting for debugging. If you're there you should see some controls like a play/resume, pause/suspend and stop/terminate. You can proceed to the next break point by pressing the resume(play) button or press F8.

It is not true that you just hit play. If you're on the Java window pressing play, or as put "the green button" runs the program again without debugging it. If you like to use the buttons, ensure you're on the correct window.

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That's hard part - to ensure you're on the correct window :) –  TT_ Oct 30 '13 at 22:03
@TT_: At some point in time you were asked if you wanted to auto switch when debugging starts with the option of remembering that decision; perhaps you said "remember, no"? –  ChiefTwoPencils Oct 30 '13 at 22:05
I think you are right. –  TT_ Oct 30 '13 at 22:08

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