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I have an IndexedTraversal (from the Control.Lens package) and I would like to apply an index-aware monadic action to each element in it. Unfortunately, all of the convenient ways that I see of doing something like this --- such as ^! combined with act function --- seem to ignore the index with each element. Is there a nice way to run an action for every element (and its index) in an indexed traversal?

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Does imapMOf work? You would use it as imapMOf someIndexedTraversal actionWithIndex dataStructure I think.

If you just need to perform an action, there's also imapMOf_ in Control.Lens.Fold.

I haven't used indexed traversals much, but I find the API a bit confusing. Most of the time I use lenses with either ^. or ^!, but for indexed traversals it seems the usual way is to use one of the special index-aware functions, which seems a bit different.

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You can also use Control.Lens.Indexed.withIndex to get a traversal over tuples of (index, value), with some limitations. But using imapMOf and the other i<something> combinators is more convenient in most cases, I would think. – mithrandi Apr 5 '15 at 20:59

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