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IE11 cannot handle the WebGL version of Google Maps. For example, try dragging the map around on this page:


If you visit maps.google.com, however, you will see it uses lite mode (canvas) and it works much smoother. If visiting that page doesn't use canvas mode automatically, go to this URL:


I'm developing against the Maps javascript API, so I need to know how to force this mode so my IE11 users aren't met with a terrible experience.

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Any issues you are seeing with the simple map example noted above are unrelated to webgl: The JS API currently uses WebGL only for displaying Street View, and then only for certain OS/Browser combinations (and not currently ie11).

I was able to view the page in ie11 on a VM and it seemed ok. Given it is not a webgl issue, can you be more clear what problem you are having in IE11?

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