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A handful of apps such as The New York Times push a bundle containing two or more items to a user's timeline and manage to only play the default "jingle" notification sound once.

The Mirror API currently offers a parameter for notification.level, however the documentation only displays a single available parameter: DEFAULT.

How can I push multiple cards to a user but only play the notification sound once? I'd ideally like to only have the notification sound tied to the bundle cover item.

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If you only want the sound on the bundle cover item - just set it for that only. You can leave the notification field empty or null for the cards you don't want to play sound for.

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Wow, that was obvious. I assumed that not defining the notification field would default to DEFAULT. However, I guess leaving it blank entirely disables the audible notification. Thanks! – Sahas Katta Oct 31 '13 at 17:22

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