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getting a JRE system library unbound error in build path, tried all suggestions from the below links, however did not work. I have jdk 1.6.0_29, i have also tried to install other versions but no help.

JRE System Library [WebSphere v6.1 JRE] (unbound) Eclipse error: Unbound classpath container Java - Unbounded classpath container Websphere V6 JRE Struggling to update JRE dependencies within Maven and Eclipse Unbound classpath container in Eclipse unbound class path container error in eclipse? Java Web Project Build Error unbound class path container error in eclipse?

maven compiler verison is something like this:

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I tried running from the directory outside eclipse, and i am getting this warning: "Workspace defines a VM that does not contain a valid jre". However i have installed necessary jdk and checked the version –  user1328572 Oct 31 '13 at 1:46
The error indicates that you have defined a VM configuration in your eclipse that does not have a correctly configured JRE associated with it. First look and see if your Java VM is configured correctly and make sure it is pointing at the correct binaries. –  DanielBarbarian Oct 31 '13 at 9:12

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Another option is:

  • Project > Properties > Java Build Path
  • Select Libraries tab
  • Select the troublesome JRE entry
  • Click Edit button
  • Choose an alternate JRE
  • Click Finish button

Pointing the project at your installed JRE might be a better choice than renaming your JRE to match the old project code.

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This did the thing for me. –  Crash-ID Nov 30 at 21:20

As in user3076252's answer, except after edit:

  • pick installed JRE's
  • then pick 'search'

and it should find your unbound jre but this time with all the numbers in its name (rather than unbound) and you can select it.

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oh boy, this got resolved, I just had to name my Installed JRE appropriately. I had only the jdk installed and eclipse had taken the default jdk name, i renamed it to JavaSE-1.6 and voila it worked, though i had to redo everthing from the scratch.

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