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My web interface has an ajax call to update a photo's caption. A post sends the caption and the publicId of the photo to a service.

The service has 

Photo photo = Photo.findByPublicId(params.publicId)
photo.caption = params.caption

However I have read in Burt Beckwith's grails book this is not secure. As-is a hacker could post any publicId to my service and update the caption of a photo that doesn't not belong to their session. I need some GORM advice on how to write the update query to update only photos belonging to the current user's session. Due to the number of joins involved I am lost. I am familiar with getting the profile/user:

    User user = User.load(

    Profile profile = Profile.findByUser(user, [lock:true])

but not the one query that would join everything for the entire update, instead of Profile.findByUser(user, [lock:true]).photoAlbum.getPhotoWherePublicId(publicId) or something that seems it would make 4 different sql calls.

The domain schema I have with the hierarchy in question is :

//user from springsecurity for session/login management
class User {
   //no reference to profile

class Profile {
   PhotoAlbum photoAlbum
   User user //reference to user

   static constraints = {

class PhotoAlbum {
   static hasMany = [photos:Photo]
   static belongsTo = [profile:Profile]

class Photo {
   static belongsTo = PhotoAlbum
   String caption
   String publicId
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Maybe with a criteria or namedQuerie this could be done. Something like this may work:

First make a small change to your Photo class

class Photo {
   PhotoAlbum photoAlbum
   static belongsTo = [photoAlbum: PhotoAlbum]
   String caption
   String publicId

and try with this criteria

  eq 'id',params.publicId
  photoAlbum {
    eq 'profile',profile
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PhotoAlbum photoAlbum is not necessary in your example – James Kleeh Oct 31 '13 at 16:58
Yes the withCriteria worked, verified by debugging the sql. – spock99 Nov 1 '13 at 10:36

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