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I have a matrix m, I want to sort the first column and then change the order of second and third column according to the sorted first column. how can I get it in R?

x = rnorm(50, 0, 1)
y = rbinom(50, 1, .5)
z = runif(50, -1, 1)
m = matrix(c(x, y, z), ncol=3)
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Use order() to determine the appropriate ordering.

m <- cbind(rnorm(50, 0, 1),
           rbinom(50, 1, .5)
           runif(50, -1, 1))
ord <- order(m[,1])
m2 <- m[ord,]

(You can do it in one step as m[order(m[,1]),] if you want.) plyr::arrange is handy for data frames.

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