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I am acessing data from data base with the following code,

IList<MyListDB> MyList = this.GetMyList();

and the GetMyList() function,

public IList<MyListDB> GetMyList()
        IList<MyListDB> MyList = null;
        using (MyDataContext db = new MyDataContext(strConnectionString))
            IQueryable<MyListDB> EmpQuery = from Emp in db.Details select Emp;
            MyList = EmpQuery.ToList();
        return MyList;

But i get a error stating that,

Inconsistent accessibility: return type 'System.Collections.Generic.IList<MyExpense.Values.MyListDB>' is less accessible than method 'MyExpense.Values.MyPanorama.GetMyList()'

What could be the problem? Thanks in advance!

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MyListDB type needs to be declared as public.

Your method is public and hence the type it returns needs to be public as well (if it wasn't, how else would you access it from anywhere?).

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