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This issue drove me crazy. I have a local SOCKSv5 proxy which is a gateway for all application on the system. I'd like to make url-retrieve-synchronously go though the SOCKS. With the following settings:

(setq socks-noproxy '(""))
(setq socks-server '("Default server" "" 8010 5))
(setq url-gateway-method 'socks)

The retrieve over plain HTTP works ok:

(url-retrieve-synchronously "http://gnu.org")
#<buffer  *http www.gnu.org:80*>

But it does not work for HTTPS:

(url-retrieve-synchronously "https://gnu.org")

It causes:

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (file-error "make client process failed" "connection timed out" :name "gnu.org" :buffer #<buffer  *url-http-temp*> :host "gnu.org" :service 443 :nowait nil)
  make-network-process(:name "gnu.org" :buffer #<buffer  *url-http-temp*> :host    "gnu.org" :service 443 :nowait nil)
  open-network-stream("gnu.org" #<buffer  *url-http-temp*> "gnu.org" 443)
  open-gnutls-stream("gnu.org" #<buffer  *url-http-temp*> "gnu.org" 443)
  network-stream-open-tls("gnu.org" #<buffer  *url-http-temp*> "gnu.org" 443 (:type tls :nowait nil))
  open-network-stream("gnu.org" #<buffer  *url-http-temp*> "gnu.org" 443 :type tls :nowait nil)

Question: how to make HTTPS work over socks in Emacs? My version is 24.2.50/W32

I understand that for some reason an original open-network-stream is used instead socks-open-network-stream. I tried to breakpoint url-open-stream using edebug but did not manage to understand why the breakpoint is not triggered. Any ideas?


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I have tracked the problem out. There is definitely a bug in Emacs. There is a macro url-https-create-secure-wrapper which creates a wrapper over url-http function; in the wrapper a value of url-gateway-method is overwritten with tls value. This causes a skipping of using SOCKS and using direct gateway for connection instead. Currently I have no idea how to hack/workaround the problem. –  zweibaranov Oct 31 '13 at 11:06
redefine url-https-create-secure-wrapper? –  MrBones Nov 1 '13 at 15:09
Won't work; at least with my knowledge of ELisp. If I redefine url-https-create-secure-wrapper the connection will go through SOCKS but with plain HTTP negotiation not HTTPS. The wrapper should use SOCKS proxy as a main network stream but for HTTPS. –  zweibaranov Nov 2 '13 at 7:40
M-x report-emacs-bug if you've not already done so? (assuming it's not already fixed?) –  phils Jan 27 at 0:59

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Another approach is to use program proxychains to start emacs from command line, proxychains supports HTTP socks4 and socks5 proxy protocols. The code may be:

proxychains emacs &

Needless to say you have to configure your proxy setting in proxychains instead of in emacs.

PS: Don't forget to set proxychains in quiet_mode in its configure file(/etc/proxychains.conf), or the verbose output may annony you. It's not the default set at least on Fedora.

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