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I realize this is a rather broad question but I've always received rock solid advice from everyone here.

I have an upcoming rather large project that will demand a scalable / robust / high performance infrastructure. Without debating the pros and cons of all that is available out there it has been decided that Scala (with either something more full featured liked Play or bare bones like Scalatra for a pure service layer) will be our path forward.

I have quite a few years of C# and a fair amount of Java (though it was several years ago) experience.

Thus I am wondering if it would be feasible for me to focus on learning resources that target Play / Scalatra specifically or would I TRULY be better off focusing on Scala itself first?

Any and all advice on this is greatly appreciated!


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i refer to use scala 2.10 with play framework 2.2, because i am a great fan of this combination. best book to learn play with scala

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