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I am working with play framework with scala and

what am i doing :

  1. login page to login into web app
  2. sign up page to register into web app
  3. after login i want to store all databases values to user

what i want to do:

when user register for web app then i want to store user values into database with current time and date but my form is giving error.




object Application extends Controller {

  val ta:Form[Keyword] = Form(
    "id" -> ignored(NotAssigned:Pk[Long]),
    "word" -> nonEmptyText,
    "blog" -> nonEmptyText,
    "cat" -> nonEmptyText,
    "score"-> of[Long],
    "summaryId"-> nonEmptyText,
    "dates" -> date("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss")

  def index = Action {

def newTask=  Action { implicit request =>
    errors => {println(errors) 
    keywo => {



case class Keyword(id: Pk[Long],word: String,blog: String,cat: String,score: Long, summaryId: String,dates: Date )

object Keyword {

 val keyw = {
    get[Pk[Long]]("keyword.id") ~
    get[Long]("keyword.score") ~ 
    get[Date]("keyword.dates") map {
    case id~blog~cat~word~score~summaryId~dates => Keyword(id,word,blog,cat,score, summaryId,dates)
  def all(): List[Keyword] = DB.withConnection { implicit c =>
  SQL("select * from keyword").as(Keyword.keyw *)

def create(key: Keyword){DB.withConnection{implicit c=> 
  SQL("insert into keyword values({word},{blog}, {cat}, {score},{summaryId},{dates})").on('word-> key.word,'blog->key.blog,
      'cat -> key.cat,
      'score-> key.score,
      'summaryId -> key.summaryId,
      'dates->new Date()).executeUpdate


@(taskForm: Form[Keyword])

@import helper._

@main("Todo list") {

    @form(routes.Application.newTask) {


        <input type="submit">

        <a href="">Go Back</a>


please give me some idea to store date into mysql databse and date is not a field of form

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There are two possible solutions: 1. Hidden text field with date(that you override when saving) 2. Have a separate class for the form and dbTable.

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You can set a default value for your dates field in the form by replacing "dates" -> date("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss") with "dates" -> ignored(new Date()). This will ignore any posted data for "dates" and automatically bind it to new Date() (or any value you provide it).

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