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Environment: emacs 24.3 (9) for os x with org-mode version:

I used org-mode to convert org files with tables into html tables format. However, the html files always include the following snippets whenever a table exists:

<col  class="left" />

<col  class="right" />

<col  class="right" />

I have tried several ways to eliminate that snippet output but those tags just won't go way; some include M-x customize-variable 1. org-html-* 2. org-export-table-* 3. org-export-html-* 4. org-table-*

I can see that snippet may be generated by ox-html.el but I cannot nil that action.

I just want to have plain HTML tables exported from my org files. Nothings else. No extra default attribute, no other default HTML tags, no css, etc. How can I achieve that?

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There's currently no customization options to remove <colgroup>. But you can do this if you know that you don't want them at all:

(defun org-export-table-cell-starts-colgroup-p (table-cell info))
(defun org-export-table-cell-ends-colgroup-p (table-cell info))
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That does the magic trick to remove <colgroup> tags but <col class="left" /> <col class="right" /> <col class="right" /> are still floating around. How can I eliminate those <col> tags not in use? Thanks! – Bart Simpson Oct 31 '13 at 7:38
That's not possible short of rewriting org-html-table function. Well, just commenting out an argument to org-html-close-tag. But it's not a great fix, since you'll have to synchronize your modifications with org-mode updates. – abo-abo Oct 31 '13 at 8:22

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