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I'm using cakephp uploader 4.3.1 plugin from milesj.me. I installed it using the composer its working properly.

Now the problem is when i upload an image one entry is added to the database with image path but i couldn't find the image in the destination folder.

the Model->save function is executing successfully.

I'm using cakephp 2x


if i dont give destination directory the files will be uploaded to /files/uploads directory and i can find the images there!!!!!!!!!!

but when i give destination as /img/uploads i couldn't find.

Model Code CustomImage.php

App::uses('AppModel', 'Model');

class CustomImage extends AppModel
public $name = 'CustomImage';

public $actsAs = array(
    'Uploader.Attachment' => array(
        'upload_image' => array(
            'uploadDir' => '/img/uploads/',
            'finalPath' => '/img/uploads/',
            'dbColumn'  => 'path',
            'maxNameLength' => 30,
            'overwrite' => true,
            'stopSave'  => true,
            'allowEmpty'    => false,
            'transforms' => array(
                array('method' => 'resize', 'width' => 240, 'dbColumn' => 'photo_thumb'))
    'Uploader.FileValidation' => array(
        'upload_image' => array(
            'extension' => array('gif', 'jpg', 'png', 'jpeg'),
            'required'  => true

Controller Code MotionMakerController.php

class MotionMakerController extends AppController
public $helpers = array('Html','Form');
public $uses = array('CustomImage');

public function index()


public function add() {

    if ($this->CustomImage->save($this->request->data, true)) {
        echo "success";


View Code add.ctp


echo $this->Form->create('CustomImage', array('type' => 'file'));
echo $this->Form->input('upload_image', array('type' => 'file'));
echo $this->Form->end('Submit');


Please help me.

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Try creating a global variable and replace it with "/img/uploads/". Ex :

define('UPLOAD_DIR', WWW_ROOT . '/img/uploads');

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oh.. thanx man.. –  Girish Gowda Oct 31 '13 at 11:53

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