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I am a beginner, and doing an assignment to scrape the content of this page using node.io

I want to save the text content which are under < P > tags as a string in a variable.

My code is this:

var nodeio = require('node.io'); var methods = { input: false, run: function() { this.getHtml('http://www.nycourts.gov/reporter/3dseries/2013/2013_06966.htm', function(err, $) {

        //Handle any request / parsing errors
        if (err) this.exit(err);

         var content = $('P');

} }

exports.job = new nodeio.Job({timeout:10}, methods);

This is showing error: No elements matching 'P'. Please help..

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I got Error: No elements matching 'P' too when performing command:

$ ./node_modules/.bin/node.io query http://www.nycourts.gov/reporter/3dseries/2013/2013_06966.htm P

The root cause is no ending </P> in that page and node.io doesn't support auto correction for such malformed HTML like modern web browser. while it works well when querying <blockquote>:

$ ./node_modules/.bin/node.io query http://www.nycourts.gov/reporter/3dseries/2013/2013_06966.htm blockquote

However, you can make it by parsing HTML document over a real browser with selenium technology.

Here's example javascript can run with node and a selenium grid on your host to get what you want. you can refer to my other answer to question How do you get webdriverjs working?:

var webdriverjs = require('webdriverjs');

var client = webdriverjs.remote({
  host: 'localhost',
  port: 4444,
  desiredCapabilities: {
    browserName: 'safari', // you can change this accordingly
    version: '7',
    platform: "MAC"  // you can change this accordingly


  .getText("P",function(err, text) { console.log (text)}).call(function () {});

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Thank you shawnzhu –  Rajat Nov 1 '13 at 6:34

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