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I have a list of controller names and would then have a list of all actions in a given controller (name, GUID).

The list of all controllers found here.

I was also reading List all the actions on a controller with specific attribute which would match for my purposes as I also need actions with specific attributes. But I have only the name / GUID of the selected controller, not the object itself.

My scenario: the user selects a controller (cascading dropdown-list) and then actions from this controller to configure some access (and links). Therefore I need only the actions that have a custom attribute.

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You can continue using Reflection just like you did to get the Types in your assembly that inherit from Controller. Once you have the Type, you can enumerate the methods:

foreach(MethodInfo method in myContollerType.GetMethods(BindingFlags.Public  | BindingFlags.Instance))


And, then for each method, you can get all the custom attributes:

foreach (var attribute in method.GetCustomAttributes(typeof(MyAttributeType),false))

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