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i'm on the architectural phase of a big project and i've decided to use hbase as my database, and will use map/reduce jobs for my processing so my architecture works totally under hadoop.

The thing is i also need to implement some REST, SOAP API's some web pages too so i was thinking is there any servlet container that runs on top of hadoop so that my system stays redundant and distributed without worrying about a secondary cluster machenism(since i allready setup one for hadoop).

So is there any servlet container that runs on top of hadoop, like hbase(a database) runs on top of hadoop?

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why the down vote? –  Numenor Mar 20 '10 at 0:23

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It's not quite a servlet, but you may be interested in the REST interface to HBase provided by Stargate. There is also a Thrift interface.

Regards, Jeff

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i'm am going to check Stargate but i do not think it runs inside Hadoop cluster as a distributed REST interface on all Hadoop nodes or does it? –  Numenor Jan 5 '10 at 12:29
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seems like there is no servlet container that runs on top of hadoop yet. This probably wont ever happen since hadoop/hbase are used for processing big data behind the scenes and not expected to work as fast as a RDBMS which is used for a web application.

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