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I cannot seem to get a label to show up next to my input when I use .before() or .after()

this.vehicle = $('<input>');

    id: "invoiceItemVehicle",
    name: "invoiceItemVehicle",
    class: "invoiceItemControl"
this.vehicle.after('<br /><br />');

For some reason,


will put the label inside the input, but nothing happens when I use .before() and .after(). I am not getting any error messages either. Is this a problem with jquery input handling?

The desired output is Vehicle: ________ (double line break)

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append adds it to your this.vehicle which is an input field.. so that is no strange thing. Try appending your input to the document first and then do the before and / or after. – putvande Oct 31 '13 at 11:57

Try jQuery wrap() function.

HTML for test:

<div class="test"></div>

And JS:

this.vehicle = $('<input>');

    id: "invoiceItemVehicle",
    name: "invoiceItemVehicle",
    class: "invoiceItemControl"
this.vehicle.wrap('<label>Vehicle: </label>');

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