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In my Windows Store App, Id like to do a 3D transformation to an image and blit it onto another image. The image should be transformed in a way so that the four corners end up on four predefined coordinates in the second image. Example: A user can copy his own image into a photo of a poster hanging on a wall, where the photo is not taken at a 90 degree angle.

Is there a framework for doing these kinds of 3D transformation or can someone show me how to do this with matrices-math? I have a basic understanding of how a transformation matrix can work, but how to calculate one myself is beyond my knowledge.

Btw for blitting Im using the WriteableBitmapEx framework.

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There is a Projection property on every UIElement, which for basic 3D transforms you set to a PlaneProjection object (which has properties like RotationX, RotationY and RotationZ):


If you want to apply complex math, you can set it to Matrix3DProjection:


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