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I'm creating a signup form on my Shopify store, for customers. I'm willing to have them enter their basic credentials (email) plus additional info. I'd like to have that additional info stored in the customer's metafields.

I've seen here: http://docs.shopify.com/manual/configuration/store-customization/capture-additional-information-in-the-account-registration-form I can ask customers for additional information in the form of notes, but found no path to insert metafields.

I think this is possible, but I don't know how I could do.

Could someone help me, please?

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See here:

For the time being, you can only add these metafields and edit them using the Shopify API. Some time from now, we will make it possible for a shop owner to manage them from the admin interface.

As far as I am aware this is still the case, and you must use the API to create/access metafields. See the Shopify doco on Metafields here. Alternatively, there are apps that can help with the process.

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