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I am scratching my head on what the standard workflow is for opening, editing and executing a scripts directly from within the ipython notebook? I know that you can use %edit from ipython terminal but this doesn't seem to work from notebook.

thank you

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in ipython 1.1.0 I just ran "!gvim a.py" in the notebook which opened the gvim editor in a window. After saving the edits into a.py file, I was able to successfully execute "%run a.py"

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Interesting. When I try to run !vi a.py in the notebook it renders the script inside the notebook in a broken and uneditable format rather than opening the script in my vi editor in the terminal. –  prometheus2305 Oct 31 '13 at 15:03
Ah probably you need an editor that brings up a separate window. Notebook does not allow interactive edits. –  nom-mon-ir Oct 31 '13 at 15:07
!gvim locks the kernel for me until vim closes (using a batch in Windows). Any clue on how run and detach with a bang? –  kitsu.eb May 10 at 1:03
It was a batch issue, this fixed it: stackoverflow.com/a/1552400/770443 –  kitsu.eb May 10 at 18:23
Can't edit comments? Here is why I needed to start cmd /c ...: stackoverflow.com/a/154090/770443 –  kitsu.eb May 10 at 18:57

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