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I need your help.

One thing that's always going to be known in my function is that my string will always have a -2 at the end.


var x = filenumber-2

I'd like to use an if statement to check if the string: -2 is attached to the string. If it is just return true.

Since the filenumber value will be a variety of different combinations its length will always need to be accounted for. But as for the the -2 at the end, it is a given.

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Simple regex-based solution:

if (/-2$/.test(filenumber)) return true;

Using either the String slice() or substr() methods:

if (filenumber.slice(-2) =="-2") return true;
if (filenumber.substr(-2)=="-2") return true;

The -2 in the method call means "start 2 characters before the end of the string".

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if(x.slice(-2) == "-2") return true;

Will this suffice?

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Use the negative operator of the slice method. It starts counting backwards from the end of the string, so it doesn't matter how long it is.

if(x.slice(-2) == "-2"){
  return true;

Or if you really want you could use its length and count from the start

if(x.slice(x.length - 2) == "-2"){
  return true;
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