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I just want to set the line width of the line I'm plotting to be of a certain value. The rest (gridlines, border around graph) should remain 1.0 of width.

But if I set par(lwd=2) all lines are wider. If I set plot.xts(AAPL,lwd=2), I get an error:

Error in axis(1, at = xycoords$x[ep], labels = names(ep), las = 1, lwd = 1,  : 
  formal argument "lwd" matched by multiple actual arguments

Heres my code:

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Try using xtsExtra from R-Forge. It has lot of enhancement for plotting xts objects.

install.packages("xtsExtra", repos="")

You can use



plot.xts(AAPL[,4], lwd = 2)

That will give you

enter image description here

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xtsExtra may not be a workable solution indefinitely going forward, although the OP's problem still occurs (at least for me) with regular xts::plot.xts. – isomorphismes Dec 2 '14 at 2:41

My solution to this to pass type='n' and then call lines:

xts::plot.xts(CPIAUCSL, type='n')
lines(CPIAUCSL, lwd=3, col='darkgoldenrod')

This does not require the xtsExtra package, which makes other changes and is (maybe) not being actively maintained. (At least it doesn't install via the package manager, today, on R 3.1.1.)

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